A stage with audio and video
A stage with audio and video with Brightest Hour by the Submarines playing for testing.

Events I attended:



  • I went no where this week.

Item Purchased

  • Target
    • Sunglasses
    • Orange Beanie
    • Blue Beanie
    • Black Corduroy Pants
    • Gummy Worms


  • I got a Google Workspace certificate that is part of a Google Admin/Workspace specialization.
  • I listened to book writers and illustrators that were invited to speak at work.


  • I caught with a friend with some yummy matcha.
  • I watched the Super Bowl with Friends. No further comment.


  • I went on a few runs this week around the park.
  • I did some body workouts. I'm trying to look better for the summer. Simply improvements not miracles.

Good News

  • I found out I'm going to Berlin in May. I'm going to a climate conference. I started looking at tickets.


  • I enjoyed some delicious ramen at Ramen 101 with some friends.
  • I enjoyed some yummy wings and fries at Fire Wings in Midtown Sacramento.
  • I met up with one of my friends and we got some delicious Thai food at Coconut on T.

Artist Dates

  • Drank Hot Tea at walking around Downtown Sacramento.
  • After eating ramen, I walked to a bar to get some sangria.
  • Went to get a meal at midnight on a Wednesday.

Tech Stuff

  • I have a docker container running Dosbox and NoVNC exposed to the web to run old DOS programs and games.
  • I set up sound for the speaking events at school.

Music I listened To

  • It's All Over - Kurt Travis
  • No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses
  • Crèvecœur - Baden Baden
  • We Slowly Lose Hope For Things To Come - Royal Coda
  • La nuit américaine - Lescop
  • Mirapolis - Rone
  • So So So - Rone
  • Birds - The Submarines
  • Dusk - Gidge
  • Bakara - Polo & Pan
  • Home - Thylacine