Picture of me dressed up
South Lake Tahoe

Events I attended:



  • Went to Davis, CA, a college town. I showed my friend Rami what a typical college town in the United States is like. We also had a few drinks.

Item Purchased

  • None


  • More Certs coming


  • I Went Go Karting and Ate Dust!
  • Did Karaoke at Froggy's (Davis, CA)
  • Said Goodbye to Rami as he returned to Lebanon.


  • Went on a couple walks
  • Went on a Hike near South Lake Tahoe.
  • Went to South Lake Tahoe.

Good News

  • I found out I'm going to Berlin in May.


  • Went to La Esperanza - Restaurant, Bakery and Grocery Store
    • Purchased Mexican Food (To Go) at the Restaurant
    • Purchased some Pan Dulce (Mexican Pastries) and Bolillos at the bakery.
    • Purchased some produce for home cooking.
  • Got Chinese Food for comfort.

Me Time

  • Drank Some Matcha at the Park

Tech Stuff

  • Added YOURLS, an URL shortner to make sharing links more short.
  • Recorded a podcast episode.

Music I listened To

  • It's All Over - Kurt Travis
  • No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses
  • Crèvecœur - Baden Baden
  • We Slowly Lose Hope For Things To Come - Royal Coda
  • La nuit américaine - Lescop
  • Mirapolis - Rone
  • So So So - Rone
  • Birds - The Submarines
  • Dusk - Gidge
  • Bakara - Polo & Pan
  • Home - Thylacine