Picture of me dressed up
I attended a Sacramento Kings Game

Events I attended:


  • San Francisco
  • North Lake Tahoe
  • Truckee
  • California/Nevada Border

Item Purchased

  • New patches for my jean jacket


  • AI Course - Google
  • Cyber Security - Google
  • Learning New Features of GAM (Google Account Manager) to become a powerful Google Workspace Admin


  • Went with my friend, Rami to San Francisco
  • Had lunch with a colleague.
  • Reconnected with a childhood friend.
  • Chat with Angelo on a new feature of his site.


  • Went on a hike with friends
  • Went on a walk around the park.
  • Walked ~ 18.5 miles (~ 29.77 km) in San Francisco


  • Delicious Thai Food
  • Ate a slice of Pizza at GIOIA SF

Me Time

  • I took myself on an artist date at Cup-A-Joe Coffee House . I got another Matcha Latte with almond milk and a bagel with sesame seeds.

Tech Stuff

  • Added a /lists section of various items I own.
  • Added a /uses page that is still a work in progress.

Music I listened To

  • Ether - Simple Creatures
  • Throne - Bring Me The Horizon
  • Kids From Calvary - Valleyheart
  • Quiet (ft. Gary Spears) - Dens
  • For Baltimore - All Time Low
  • Heavy Metal - White Rabbits
  • Blue and Yellow - The Used