I've lived in California for over 3 years (who's counting? Oh wait, me!) I've got to the point I know where most of the popular places to visit in San Francisco, Sacramento or places in between. I would consider myself feeling somewhat knowledgeable of the area. My common expression here is, "I'm new here!" I live in Sacramento but I go to San Francisco all the time that I know the city pretty well enough to wonder off to different places. I like to wonder around even if my feet start hurting so I simply push through.

I'm showing my colleagues' brother, Rami since he's visiting from far away. I feel comfortable walking around in San Francisco. I'm very fortunate to have friends who live in the city who I've learned so much from. I feel that I can be a good tour guide. We're both dudes who are young and like to have fun. That makes it easy to keep our minds open and try new experiences. I love doing all the touristy things again especially when friends or family come to visit. I get to help people experience the city the way I did or at least provide that feeling of novelty.