Picture of me dressed up
Went to feed some Highland Cattle

Events I attended:


  • AI Course - Google
  • Cyber Security - Google
  • Learning New Features of GAM (Google Account Manager) to become a powerful Google Workspace Admin


  • Showing my colleague's brother around Sacramento. We're hoping to
  • Had lunch with a colleague.
  • Reconnected with a childhood friend.


  • Went on 3 runs this week. I started running in kilometers instead of miles.
  • Did plenty of cardio exercises beyond running.
  • Went on a hike in near Alta, CA
  • Visited a Pine Tree Fram (Christmas Farm)


  • I ate a sandwich from Panera - Tuna (Work provided)
  • I ate a burger.
  • I had Chicken Tenders.
  • I made homemade flautas.
  • Ate a delicious vegan chocolate cookie from Sacramento Natural Food Co-op.

Me Time

Tech Stuff

  • I fixed the Docker Images to my website. Everything is 100% running via docker now.
  • Benji and Angelo helped me out reduce the number of bots and crawlers hitting my website. I've been checking my logs and it is now it is very minimal but I'm still tweaking as I go. Thanks dudes!
  • gRegor pointed out to me that my microformats on my blog were not set correctly. Luckily, we got it figured out ! Thanks gRegor!

Music I listened To