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My friends and I started building a game using PICO-8 to build a game. One of my students was telling me about another project by Lexaloffle. It is called, Picotron. I started messing with the preview version available on their site. It's been fun poking at it and seeing what it can do. I would say it's pretty neat and I've been having a blast.

Picotron is a Fantasy Workstation for creating various things, not just games. On the surface reminds me of the Mac OS 8.1 emulator or the macintosh.js that runs as an electron app (javascript) on the surface. Picotron is web based compared to PICO-8 you have to install on your system.

There is a plenty of information provided for picotron for anyone to learn more as well as a roadmap for the different features to be available over time. I'm really excited for certain features.

It looks like it will cost $20 or so to have.

Here are some of the demos on Picotron:

This was my first expirment for an interactive page.