matcha latte

Like is an understatement, I love matcha! I started to consume matcha two years ago. Ever since, I've been hooked on it. I love getting matcha from different places from coffee shops or restaurants because when mixed in for a drink, each place makes it different. Most of the time, I consume matcha as a tea or as a latte. There is something so special about getting in a different city. When I was visiting New York City, I lived on matcha lattes and matcha teas to keep me going on the miles and miles of walking that I'm not used to doing. Being a city like New York, it is exhausting mentally and physically due to the stimuli and increased physical activity from the sedentary lifestyle.

Matcha has caffeine in it but it doesn't affect me the same as coffee. Coffee and espresso keeps me jittery and has be bouncing off the walls. Not a good feeling overall. I'm not opposed to having coffee or espresso but not my preferred choice. Matcha doesn't keep me up at night. I don't see it as coffee but an item that has caffeine.

When I went back to Nebraska, I was happy that some of the non-Starbucks coffee shops had matcha. I guess matcha is more common than ever.

Am I crazy about matcha? Probably? Who am I kidding?! YES! I don't drink it often but when I do, I'm as happy as can be (at the moment.) It's the little things in life. I probably should make my own at home because it adds up going out to get it. That's a decision for another day.

Just realized this could be a love letter to matcha. Maybe it isn't.


Favorite Places to get matcha (no particular order):

  • South Korea
  • Ryoko's - San Francisco, CA
  • Estelle's Bakery - Sacramento, CA
  • Cup A Joe Coffeehouse - San Francisco, CA
  • Tea Houses
  • Coffee Shops in New York City (I forgot the names.)
  • Los Angeles