My December Traditions

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I really love the month of December. When the holidays approach, I get excited to see snow on the ground. There are so many celebrations and traditions that exist. For myself, I celebrate Mexican traditions and American celebrations. I live between the two cultures and grew up in the United States and have lived in Mexico. At my parents home, we celebrate as if we were in Mexico.

Every year is different. Sometimes I'm in Oaxaca during the month of December and sometimes I'm in the United States. We celebrate Mexican traditions there but more precisely, the Oaxacan traditions. I like to go see the dances and the parades. May I say it's heavenly go to the food markets and try all the delicious meals.

Mexican Traditions:

My family really likes cooking at home. We make many traditional dishes. We make tamales of various flavors, Mexican punch, mole, cakes, shrimp cocktails, and so much more. There's no limit. In this month, we don't normally eat out. Homemade food tastes so much better!

In the evenings, we relax and watch some holiday movies. We like to watch movies in Spanish, especially any of the classics. Every year we see Home Alone in Spanish because it's very funny. It hits differently in Spanish. Just being together is important. We can laugh as a family.

We do decorate our Christmas tree. We open the presents on the night of December 24. It's a traditon. It's always been like that.

United States Traditions:

I always make sure to meet up with my friends when I return to Nebraska. Now that we don't live near each other anymore, it's very important to be together when we are back in our hometowns. We check in with each other and see how our year went and what our goals are for the upcoming year. We build ginger houses and we have a party. What could go wrong? Depending on how the weather is, we're riding our longboards or we're going to skate park.

Im always excited for a night of programming fun. We just see where the night will take us. We make it our goal to stay up until dawn. It's a very nice thing to schedule something together. I think we're going to make a video game this year. Let's see what happens...

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