In Reply to Where Do You Call Home? by Jason Kottke

Jason Kottke asks the following question and starts mentioning his struggle with the concept of home. He also asks his readers to answer the question

Where do you call home? And why?

I’ve been struggling with the concept of home for the past several years.

On the surface, this seems like a very simple question to answer but the answer can be be complex. For me, I take the complex route. I too have been struggling with this question. Home is where major moments have occured in my life.

I grew up in Nebraska which was home for 25+ years. I say this is one place I call home is due to the fact this is where I grew up. It's where I learned the norms of the Midwest and how it influenced my persona. Nebraska is home because this is where many of my friends I made in university still reside. I have many deep connections with others. I somehow always end up here such as the holidays and other important events. It's a very special place to me but it is not the place I cull my current home.

Mexico is also my home for the fact I've lived there on an off though out the years. I learned what is was like to be around non-Americans. Living in Mexico, I got meet so many family members. I learned more of the traditions of my people and how live in a community. I learned that this was a place of rich culture and rich gastronomy. I learned to not take things for granted. It's a place I call home because it allows me to be different person compared to my American self. For the record, I don't go to resorts, I stay in rural Mexico. This is a home I return to often. This home is important to my identity.

The home I consider currently now is in California. This is the first place I moved away to where I didn't go back to my parents' home after an extended leave such as a trip or going to university. I work here now and I have built out new relationships. I'm still pretty new here. Living in California has allowed me to be more of myself and allow me to express myself. This is home because I get to work on myself as well. When people ask me where am I based out of or where is my home is, I always say California.

I also ask the same question, "Where do you call home? And why?"