Today, I wanted to get out the apartment and not bum around. So I went on a date. It's not often I get time for myself other than at home. I either stay home or I go the usual places I'm comfortable going.

I drove down to Simon's Cafe (Chinese Food Staple in Midtown Sacramento. As I was pulling up I remembered they closed down. I was sad. Then I remembered that there was a Thai restaurant a block or two down. Chicken Pad Thai was the meal of choice.

Then, I went to went to happy hour at a Wine Bar across the street from the Thai restaraunt. I had a glass of Sangria. I don't mind a cheap drink during happy hour.

After, I went to an art gallery to observe the art. I got to meet the artist of some of the art I admired. That was pretty tight!

Then I came across to the Strapping Store location where ever I was in Midtown. I got some cool Sacramento themed items (last minute Christmas gifts). It's a pretty cool store.

I ended the night with getting Frozen Yogurt. Strawberry Cheesecake Fro-yo and grahm crackers are amazing.

It was nice taking myself out. I don't do this often. This is something I wouldn't mind getting more comfortable with. It simply is trying to get out of my comfort zone. Overall, I enjoyed the alone time I had. Alone time is good. Taking yourself out on a date should be okay. Just enjoy your own presence.