In response to James G on Spotify Wrapped

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post what I'm listening on repeat. I'm that person who doesn't use Spotify. I left Spotify a while ago. I instead use Apple Music does something similar to Spotify Wrapped. I honestly didn't know that Apple Music had a feature to share. Now it's time for the results my Apple Music Replay'23 (the Apple equivalent to Spotify Wrappted) to shine. It was interesting because I had to launch my browser to get the Replay'23 instead of it being in app. It was easy to share on social media as images. My listens ranged from mid/late 2000s to more recent. I really liked listening to The Submarines. I'm a sucker for the song Brightest Hour.

This coming I would like to discover smaller indie bands and attend more concerts to get out of my cycle of repeating and getting too comfortable with the things I listen often.

I really like Jo's Post on what she listened to on Spotify. I love what you listened to this year and how you organized your post!

I read Henrique's Post on what he listened to on Spotify. He made me remember that I need to give my vinyls a little more love (or a spin) and decrease my listening minutes on my phone.

I know I have an interesting taste in Music but I like listening to alternative.

Well here you go! Enjoy!