Blogging for 10+ Years

A Journey Through Time and the Web.

by Pablo Morales

Hooray! It's been 13 years since I wrote my first blog post to help me enter the world of blogging. I forgot to celebrate at the 10 year mark. Better late than never! I wrote a post a few months ago on Why I Blog? When I wrote that post, It didn't really click that I had actually written for so long. I wrote on and off so blogging wasn't continuous. So I can't say I wrote often during these 10+ years of blogging until more recently..

It's weird going back and try to make sense of who I was at any point in the blog timeline or what things I were considered important to to me. I was only a teenager when I started and now I am in my late 20s.

I've kept most of my blog posts and there are a few I've lost. Over time I have consolidated posts onto

Services I've Used:

  • Altervista (Wordpress)
  • SayNow (voice blogs)

What I'm Using Now

Blogging in 2023

I am really happy that I started to blog a lot more this year than I ever have. At the time of this post, the post will be number sixty-seven (67) I've written this year. post I feel this year I've learned to be more focused and to be more expressive. It has helped me socialize in ways I haven't done in so many years. I also hope that I can somehow improve someone's life by reading my posts and vice versa.

Documenting 2023 through blogging helps me solidify my thoughts. Also blogging helped me to particpate in the IndieWeb instead of being on the sidelines. It has helped me get over my fear of not worrying so much of what people think about me. I simply write and hope I impact at least one person with my post.


Some goals for writing is sharing about the things I love. I want to make more visual or auditory blog posts. These posts would be similar to what I was doing earlier. Continue growing my blogging community.

Some Visuals

During the early days of my site, I used Wordpress because it was easy to install and it was (still is) the defacto blogging platform. It was easy to pick a theme and just the site to exist along blog posts.

Memory Lane: WordPress

When I was using WordPress, my site went through many iterations on how it appeared. It started out simple to more complex thems. Image without description

Image without description This was when I was both an education and nursing major.

Image without description This layout I liked because it had links to posts in blocks. I also showed off my travels.

Image without description More adventures.

My Current Site: Datenstrom

Image without description

I am using Datenstrom Yellow as the current flat-file content management system to host my site and blog. I like to keep my site minimal and being able to adjust it very easily. It's been my CMS for many years after I ditched WordPress.


I'm happy it's been since 2010 since I started blogging and I didn't completely stop blogging, I only took pauses.

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