Climate Week NYC & Build a Website in an Hour

Let's talk about climate change by building a Website.

Background Information

A few weeks ago I attended Climate Week NYC in New York City. It was such a great time listening to all the great talks and participating in different activities such as driving a Lucid electric car with my friends. It got to meet such amazing people (and networked) who are in the climate change space. It made me step back an realize how much time we have lost not fighting the environment and how we only have a limited time to speed up on our actions.

It was nice to be in a place full of public transportation and get my steps in. I was also wired on Matcha Lattes to keep up with the revolving door of events occuring all at once.

Getting Around to Building the Website

I've been meaning to build a website for a quick summary of my adventures in the city. I finally found the perfect day to do it. I finally was able attended a Build a Website in an Hour event. Thank you James G for hosting this event!

Just as the name of the event states, I built (most) of the website in an hour. It was fun and challenging because of the following:

  1. I didn't have a plan on how this site was going to look
  2. It was a challenge to get the site made in an hour. Talk about pressure
  3. I got to hangout with people in the IndieWeb.
  4. Show off the adventures I went on.

Where is this site located?

This website is located at .

Technologies Used

This website was made using vanilla HTML & CSS. I used Tachyions CSS Framework for the CSS. I use it on my website, primarily on my blog, to change the appearance of my posts. I like this CSS framework because is it doesn't interfere with existing CSS frameworks or existing CSS stylesheets. The classes are easy to learn

A Breakdown of the Site

Hero Banner

Hero Banner Green

A green hero banner with a navigation. It says "NYC Climate Week 2023" and "A Wakeup Call About Climate Change"

Other Sections Include:

  • Introduction
  • Attendees
  • Events Attended
  • Photos


This site supports webmentions!


I hope you enjoy the website! Let me know if you have any comments, questions or concerns. Don't forget to say, "hello"!