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Hey! I'm Pablo.

That's right, my name is Pablo but my last name is not Picasso. I started a new site called Pablo's Picasso.. I've been looking for new ways to express myself. Art is an outlet I've used on and off through out the years. During the pandemic I really started to use digital design to share the things I am interested and the things happening with the times. Just like many pandemic things. I stopped. I want to start posting again art I make digitally or physically made. I am not artistic in any way but I will try to create something.

I started reading Visual Journaling Going Deeper than Words by Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox to help me express myself and help me with a journey I've been meaning to start for a long time. I like writing but this new medium will helpful. I'm glad this book emphasizes on that you don't have to know how to draw to do visual journaling. I'll share what I have learned in future blog posts

Enjoy the art.