When was the last time you did something alone and by yourself outside of your place of living? Do you think about how as a person, it's hard to think about times you are truly by yourself? This has been something that has been on my mind a lot.

Today, I went on a run today and drank a matcha latte at a coffee shop. It was nice just being in my thoughts and I appreciated being with myself and only myself. My mind was saying (or saying to itself?) "This is relaxing!"

This initiated me to start refecting on the activites I've done this year so far. I went through my phone's photo's apps, looked at my check-ins and any other history I had available. hen I started filtering out all things I've done alone and not with people. This is what I was able to recall the things I did or initiated by myself.

  • Sitting in a Coffee
  • Going to Noisebridge (San Francisco)
  • Going swimming in the river
  • Seeing two films
  • A few day trips?

I ask myself the following questions: "Am I not having a enough solo time?" or "Am I having a healthy amount of solo time?"

Often times, activites outside of home involve people in my day to day. I am not complaining about having a social circle. I just wondering for myself, "What is a good balance?", between activities that social and alone?

Am I afraid to venture out on my own? Probably? Being at home is comfortable and I feel safe. Does my lack of knowing what is happening in my community add to this? More than likely. Does becoming a home body also play a roll. Yes!

I should address these to make progress.

For those on the web, what is your take on this? Send me a webmention or email?