This post is in reponse to Mark Sutherland's IndieWeb Carnival August 2023: Gardening

When the word gardening comes to mind, many think of maintaining a small plot of land. I envision, peppers, tomatoes, peaches, or simply a flower garden. This is exactly what I see in my parent's garden back in Nebraska. A garden can mean so many things due to culture, relationships, activism, hobbies, etc.

A garden I think of often is the country side in Oaxaca. I've gone hiking here for many years since I was a kid. Exploring here gives me a sense of reconnecting with my roots. It let's me explore with no limit to what I can find or experience. It helps me be in the moment. This garden to me is infinite.

It's a beautiful place to walk through when everything is green or dry. I really admire the beauty of it. There are so many native plants surrounding me. I see the cactus, the native grasses, the carrizo (giant reed) and any plant offspring that falls on the ground.

There are so many fields of crops as well. Nature and agriculture co-existing. It's weird how well they blend in with each other.

My favorite time to enjoy the garden is sun down. All the colors are breath taking to watch and see how day becomes night. There are fun activities you can do at night time during a hike such as picking azucenas (lilies).

This is the land my ancestors lived on. I've lived on this land as well. I must continue to visit and reconnect with the people before me.

Nature is so beautiful. We must protect it at all costs.

The Sunset

Seeing the sunset was beautiful.

Image without description

Somewhere on a hike in Oaxaca