Send a Friend a Webmention Day


By Pablo Morales

It's been a great year so far! Lot's of good things have happened. I've overcame a few things. I started my blog again. The little things add up. One of the major events was becoming part of the IndieWeb Community. It's been a great community that is welcoming. I have learned so much from the people in the community and at Homebrew Website Club. Every single one of them has been pretty amazing.

Since it's Send a Friend a Webmention Day, I want to send a webmention to a few people.

Angelo Gladding

You were the first person I interacted with at Homebrew Website Club. He gave me the run down and help me connect the pieces based on the information I knew already. Thanks for being so rad! Your bot trained with your voice is pretty tight alongside your mediasoup-based setup.

Tracy Durnell I really enjoy your style of writing! I have been looking for better ways to express myself through writing and to find my style of blogging, it's inspiring and I enjoy your content. I've been wanting to make the Apple crumb pie. I'm excited to try it soon! If you need some more information on Oaxacan cuisine, I'm your guy!

James G Everything you do is super cool especially the programming language you created! You'll have to try some Coffee (and hot chocolate) from Oaxaca. I really enjoyed this month's IndieWeb Carnival topic.

Benji I love what you are doing with your site. I love the minimalist approach. The Sparkles is so rad! It works beautifully with one of my sites.

gRegor Love I hope you picked the blue shirt! I still haven't seen the movie? Yay or nay? Thank you for pointing me in the right directions when it comes to marking up content in a different language. More of content in different languages coming soon.

Alex Sirac Ton site, Réussir Mes Études est super cool et informatif! J'aime le blog de ton site web principal. You've inspired me to write in French again!

Jo Since I love languages, I started looking into toki pona. Thank you so much for sharing this. Hopefully we can speak soon.

Anthony Ciccarello Thank you for helping me out microformats and "likes" and getting that squared away. Every time I see you post about your puppy I immediately want to pet but we haven't broken the virtual-physical barrier yet to pet dogs yet. Any ideas?

Also as a Midwesterner, I saw you have a recipe for Puppy Chow. I will probably be making a batch once I get home.

Colin Walker I'm really digging your site. I also stumbled on your Music and I'm really digging it! I'd love to talk about your music since I am teaching a sound engineering class. I've been making progress on the e-book as well.

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