I've noticed that my diet hasn't been the best in the last few weeks. I've been eating out a bit more than I would like. I hate to say but I've been busy building new things on the web, work projects, and life overall. I'm taking a well deserved holiday soon to a place special to me in Mexico. I've been thinking how I need to cleanse and detach myself from the US food culture. I want to stay away as far from chemicals and additives. Don't get me wrong these are found in all countries, especially in processed foods.

I'm excited to get some homemade food in Mexico. I'm excited for fresh ingredients from the farms and gardens in the village I am staying in. I feel that it's hard to know where your food is coming from when in the United States.

The goal is not to eat at any US-based chain fast food places or hamburgers, pizza - you know the common fast food culprits? This should be relatively easy because those are far away from the village I am staying in. Fast food has infiltrated even the most remote places. I want to indulge in so many authentic foods I don't get the chance to eat except when I am in Mexico. This is a change to reconnect with my roots, reform past relationships and find parts of me that United States culture has suppressed. Food is a good way to reconnect with lost parts of me. I will attach to good things and detach from bad things. At least for a while.