My Hobby: Photography

A photo of surfer dudes on the beach.

I remember when I was 10 years old and I got a Sony Cyber-shot point and shoot camera. I have always had an interest in taking pictures. I am one of those millennials who had a flip phone. For those who didn't have to live through this, flip phones did not have good cameras what's so ever. Phones were not all-in-one like today. So I had to bring my camera with me everywhere in my pocket or on my wrist all the time to get a good shot.

Photography has been a hobby of mine for a while. I've done it on and off throughout the years. It is a good outlet for me. It started with a point and shoot and eventually, I got nicer DSLR camera. I recently in the last two or three. years started with analog photography. Both, film photography and analog format videos. It's been fun crossing over different mediums. Photography makes me happy. I do my best to capture the moment and keep that moment alive. It is a capture of a moment of time. It's mind-blowing we can literally capture a moment and stare at it forever.

It is so much more meaningful to take it on a real camera, even if it is a simple point in shoot. It's a very intimate moment between what your capturing, the camera and most importantly - the person taking the shot.

I know I'm no where being any good. I just enjoy doing this hobby. I really got to meet some cool people in the photography world. I feel proud as a teacher to have inspired one of my students to really get himself to do more photography. He has amazing shots by one-thousands times.

There are so many moments I captures that I will forever cherish. Many moments I won't show the world but maybe some day I will. Who knows? Some things are better left not reaching light.

Below are just some of my photos. If you want to see what I have posted, go to my photography section of my site!

Me in 2010


Image without description

In an AIrplane
Taking a selfie with my Sony Cyber-shot


The first time I took my Sony Cyber-shoot internationally was summer of 2010 heading to Oaxaca, Mexico. I was so excited to take some great shots with a simple point and shoot. It was very memorable trip. I got to photograph my grandparents for the first time and document my trips to Mexico for the first time. So many colors everywhere. ¡Como me encanta! Everytime, I look at these photos, it triggers all the smells, sounds, and conversations. It makes me feel at home.


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Flying over the Gulf of Mexico
Oaxaca, Mexico