Issue Six

Summer 2023

A Moment of Joy: PRIDE

It's about immersing yourself in something new..

Pablo Morales

Happiness is to try new things.

The month of pride is officially over. Actually, it was about six days ago at the time of this writing. We celebrate pride and the LGBT+ community everyday! It's a party everyday.

Believe it or not, I attended my first Pride event. Growing in Nebraska, attending pride was not possible due to events not existing. The state of Nebraska is conservative. Events such as pride were simply not in my face. Luckily, I educated myself. Often times, I would travel outside of the country so it wasn't possible for me to attend. I'll be honest, I didn't even know pride was a thing until a few years ago. Another struggle of mine is not knowing what is happening in Sacramento. Hey, better late than never. Right????

I finally got to attend.

I attended to San Francisco Pride as my first pride festival. I was very excited to be there. Being there was everything I hoped for and so much more. I loved the energy of everything happening around me. People were dancing, singing, cheering, throwing things. People were expressing themselves at 1000%. I believe everyone should do that everyday!

night sky over house
night sky over water
bay bridge at night
night sky over land

I got so many hugs. These hugs were empowering.

I encountered so many moments of joy. I told my friends I loved them. I told strangers, I loved them. I told myself, I loved myself. Every interaction was a moment of joy. I was smiling ear to ear. I was radiating. I hope to feel this way everyday.

I can't wait to attend another Pride event. I want to go to New York City Pride and see what it has to offer. Each event is different.


My favorite photo full of joy!

Pride 2023

San Francisco





I am so happy I asked these individuals to take their photo. They were so beautiful.

This blog postPablo Moralespost was in response to the IndieWeb Carnvial July 2023 by James G. The topic was moments of joy. Thanks James for a great prompt.