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Read Blog Post en français.

Once a moon, I'll write in French, During our last Indieweb Meeting, we discussed, "Multilngual Brainstorming" related to h-entry tags.

Let's talk about this briefly!

If we must bring up the subject, content localization goes hand in hand.

La question présentais, "Comment presenter le contenu des blog posts en langues different ?"

It is important to use , href to select the ISO two-letter abbreviation of the intended language to be used. For this example below, we would use Spanish. The ISO code would be ES. The link must point to the version of the content in the intended language .

For Example:

<a rel="alternate" href=""  hreflang="[language abbreviation]">[link content]</a>

Example using`rel="alternate" ' with Spanish as the selected language option.

<html lang="en">

<article class="h-entry">
  <h1 class="p-name"> <a href="/in-english" class="u-url">Article in English</a> </h1>
  Read <a rel="alternate" href="/en-espanol" hreflang="es">Article en Espanol</a>
gRegor Morrill

Thank you for getting me up to speed with this topic and for providing me some sweet examples. It will make life easier. ! c

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