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It's starting to look like summer. All the kids are gone for their summer break. Even the traffic on a Monday morning felt significantly better. Today was a day.

I'm not out for break for the summer. As things wind down at where I work, I feel like I'm experiencing the opposite of winding down. I'm starting to feel burnt out. Over the last month or two, I feel that I've been slowing down and my sense of satisfaction of work has gone done. I know things are crazy at the end of the year. My battery is low. I need recharge. I dread feeling this way. It's okay not to feel happy an satisfied all the time.

I think, it's time I reevaluate my headspace. I'm expressing this here. We all need to acknowledge when we feel burnt out. I'm starting to acknowledge it.

I still love working in the IT position that I am. I am feeling a bit burnt out.