Pablo Morales-Garcia

New Student Enrollment Leader

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Pablo Morales-Garcia

Favorite Place On Campus

I really love the campus in its entirety from the art to the history of building and monuments. One of my favorite features on campus are the trails and sidewalks that connect you to all of campus but also to all of the bike trails in the city of Kearney. It is so easy to get to Cottonmill or Yanney Park on the nice trails. Around campus, I really enjoying riding around on my longboard! I can use my longboard to get point A to point B in a snap! You'll thank me later when you're running behind for class! I really enjoy the social aspect by meeting fellow longboarders.

Favorite UNK Tradition

My favorite UNK Tradition would be Big Blue and Gold Week. It is such a good way to get started on the new school year and it is such an opportunity to get to know people by just having fun. One of my favorite events during BBGW is going to destination downtown and watch the food eating competition. One of my fondest memories is being able to ride on a float during and just having a blast! Not every day do you have the chance to ride on a float during a parade, cool, eh?


What are you passionate about?

I have always been passionate about travel and languages since a young age. My views of the world have expanded so much ever since I traveled when I was a kid and even more when I studied abroad in France. Traveling gives a person experiences that you cannot get in your backyard or in your daily routine!

I want to spread the importance of learning more than one language. I want to share my passion of being open minded about the world and embrace languages. Just by learning another language opens the door for you in many ways you could never ever imagine!

I Chose UNK Because...

When I came for a tour of UNK, I instantly became in love with the campus. Just being here I didn't feel overwhelmed being on the campus. Everyone I ran across was so nice! I felt such a personal connection especially when I met with the chair, advisor, and a professor of my program. Of all the school visits I had gone to the past, not one had offered me to meet with my potential advisor to do this. At that moment I realized that "This is the school I want to attend!" It all came down to the little things that would make such a difference in picking a school! After that....the rest is history!

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