From Madison, WI to Los Angeles, CA.

I had the opportunity to interview someone who has been working on a lot of projects during the last year or so. He has come a long way from living in Wyoming to going to school in Nebraska. He decided to take a different route and packed his things and moved to Los Angeles. I am really excited for the great things he is doing to become ""different"" and not living a normal life. He tells us about his journey and some tips to do more in life. I see great things for you Jack!

Pablo: Jack tell me about yourself?

Jack: Where to start? My name is Jack Corbett, 22 years old. I am from Madison, WI. I've always been a kid who has been in love with sports his whole life. The only thing I really wanted to do was to play football in NFL. That all changed when I got a concussion after my third year in college playing football. Things really changed after this. The concussion was very eye opening for me. I felt so messed up and out if it. I decided to take another route after football.

P: What gave you that spark to get you into music?

J: When I was in high school I took a Hip-Hop class studies. I did a freestyle rap in class on the spot. Alongside I had used a beat production program, also referred as a digital audio workstation. Everyone had to present and the class had to pick their favorite beat that they liked. They ended up choosing mine. Everyone really seemed to love it! It got me super pumped. The feedback I got was good. Music is about impressing your fans. Might as well do it and I just love it. That’s simply how it is. At first when starting out, I did not take music production seriously. I had always wanted to be different in how I wanted my life to be “How could I be different from the typical 9 to 5 lifestyle?” Music was the way to go to do this. I turned this around and I created an independent record label, [NAME?] Records.

J: I started modeling when I got to to Los Angeles. I decided to do an open call audition for Maverick Modeling in LA. After I had done my audtion, they were interested in me but I needed to fix a few things to get things going. They wanted me to get more in shape. I had to workout quite a bit and check in with them every week for 4 weeks. Then it really worked out.

P: What kind of modeling or related jobs have you had so far?

J: Oh, man! I've had a few jobs so far! I've been doing stuff with H&M, commercials, print & digital publications and some things in YouTube. Everything counts! I've had so much fun!

P: How did you build contacts and/or clients?

J: The agency handles modeling projects (business aspect) for me to do. I hired a photographer that I met through a few friends. [She] is from London. I have met people from back home. You meet so many people in LA. Making beats, you get to know other people as well. I have met with a new group of rappers called FRIO. I have also made friends with Ponts De Leon. He is really making it out here. I got to hangout in his studio. Then I checked out Altrium Sudios and met label executive, Quincy Howard. I've been back there a few times with some rapper friends and Quincy has been there every time. Through meeting him and liking my vibe. I got an interview to be an intern. Today is my third day here. I am really loving every minute of it I'm grateful for all of the people I've met so far.

P: What was the biggest challenge moving to this new place that you call home?

J: My biggest challenge would be financials. Everything out here is just much more expensive in every aspect Getting to LA was something else I rode for 30 hours in about 2 days. I had around 10 hours of rest before I had to start my new job Monday morning. Now I have a car. I didn’t have a car for six months. I made it though LA was a bit shocking for me. It was over stimulating to be here at first. It's just different from what I was used to.

P: What gave you the motivation to stay with it?

J: There would be a lot of days just sitting in your room. It is really hard to stay motivated. I love producing music! Sometimes I would be bored out of my mind not being able to show anyone my beats. It is seriously a good time even if I am by myself. At the same time, It is addicting like a video game. Sometimes I can't stop. As you get better, it is all about time. More people start to notice once you start getting better. I have so much more fun when I feel confident that I am getting better.

P: Did you have any doubts in your mind that you were not going to be successful?

J: Everyone has lots of ups and down that they face. You never know when something crazy might happen!? A variety of things can make you question yourself. Things like when no one is buying your beats or not getting calls for audtions. Football has taught me to work hard. I just don't give up! I can't. ."