"Over the years Greek life ( or more commonly known now as Fraternity & Sorority Life), has been in the news spotlight. Unfortunately, its mostly negative news. There is truly a good side to Greek Life. I mean I was once part of the system. Then again once a Greek always Greek, right? Let me tell you my story and experiences in Greek Life.

I am Pablo and I affiliate myself with the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (ATO or ATΩ.) I am proud to say that I joined the ATOs, even if it was short lived. I am sad that my fraternity is no longer on campus. Our nonexistence is not due to being under terrible spotlight like many fraternites or sororities do.

During my active time in Greek life, I gained so much! Sure we had small numbers but I would not trade it for the world. I met friends that still to this day I talk with today! I met so many great people in the the Greek community. I am truly a social person, so I am not afraid to come meet new people.

College is all about opening your up doors to different perspectives and finding yourself.

There you have it, a side of me that does not come up much anymore! When I do talk about it, I am always proud to look back at something I was proud to be in! I may not be active anymore, but I am proud to say that I, Pablo Morales, am Greek!"