"Norman Thavaud (born 14 April 1987) is a French humourist and blogger known for his short comical YouTube videos. Each of his videos have received at least two million views, some receiving over 7 million. (Wikipedia)

Norman Thavaud is a French comedian who has become an internet sensation with his video blogs. He adresses what we would say ""first world problems"" things like technology. It shows us our modern struggles in a different point of view. He really gets you laughing. Norman has made particpated in many short films and been sponsored by many companies. One in Particular the candy bar Crunch.

Watching his videos has really improved my French skills buy listening and watching a true french person speak. It makes learning another language easier if you get a grip on how it is actually pronounced. Hey he has taught me a lot of slang! Which case is how many young people communicate in this day and age.

I really reccommend his videos to all age groups!

Une s/o a Norman pour tes cool vidéos! Chaque jour tu m’empresses avec tes blagues!! Je ne peut pas attendre pour la nouvelle vidéo."