The name is Pablo! My friends call me Pabs (pronunciation: PAHBS) as well. I'm a pretty chill dude to be around. Life is good. I live in good ol' Nebraska. Some people are like "really?" Yes, really! I grew up in a town of 25 thousand people. It may seem small but I LOVE IT!!

On my freetimes I like to hang around my friends. I like to spend hours on Lifehacker and Gizmodo keeping up with the latest trends and technology, respectfully. I like to workout also. I like Mexican Food(its a given :P )

I am a loper! I attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I am an international studies major / Pre-Nursing with a French Minor. My goal in life is to help people and travel the world. Did I mention I like French? Hopefully I get to travel more! Plane rides are fun.

Find me on social media to keep up with me off-blog. I'm an interesting person when I'm not snapping. I am also when I do snap.

Enjoy the blog!!